Gymnastics for Every Young Dreamer.

Discovery Gymnastics

1 Hour Self Taught Gymnastics Class (Guided Video Learning at our Gym)

In our Gymnastics Discovery Class, children utilize iPads to watch instructional videos and practice gymnastics at their own speed in our gym. With a 1:15 teach-to-student ratio, our coaches provide minimal oversight for an independent learning experience. It's a straightforward and cost effective way for your child to explore gymnastics skills.

7-9 Year Old

10+ Year Old


$50 Per Month

Structured Gymnastics

1 Hour Class Per

Week of Traditional Gymnastics

Our Traditional Gymnastics Class offers a classic and structured gymnastics experience. With a typical 1:8 teach-to-student ratio, our skilled coaches provide hands-on instruction to guide your child through fundamental gymnastics skills. This program offers a balanced mix of fun and learning in a supportive environment, perfect for those seeking a more traditional gymnastics approach.

Mommy & Me Classes 1-2 Year Olds

Toddler Classes (2-3.5 year old)

3.5-5 Year Old

6-9 Year Old



$85 Per Month

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2 Classes that are 1 Hour Each per Week (Holistic Gymnastics & Confidence Building)

Immerse your child in a transformative journey with our Holistic Gymnastics & Confidence Building Class. In intimate classes, typically with 3-5 students, our experienced coaches go beyond gymnastics fundamentals, focusing on fostering confidence and social skills. This approach ensures a supportive environment where your child not only excels in gymnastics but also grows as a confident and socially adept individual.

3.5-5 Year Old

6-8 Year Old

9-10 Year Old

11+ Year Old


$275 Per Month

SCHEDULE: We Offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Classes.

Stellar Champions

Preschool Gymnastics: 3.5-5 year olds

Premium Gymnastics

Gymnastics Classes: 6+ year olds

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