Forever Gymnastics

Welcome to Forever Gymnastics: Nurturing Growth and Confidence

At Forever Gymnastics, we are dedicated to creating an optimal environment where children can nurture their growth and confidence through the exciting world of gymnastics. Led by owner Jesse and a team of highly trained professionals, our gym specializes in providing a fun and joyful learning experience for students of all ages and skill levels.

Our Competitive Advantage

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1. Expert Coaching Excellence:

Our highly trained and passionate coaches bring extensive experience and expertise to every class, ensuring exceptional coaching.

2. Personalized Small Classes

With small class sizes, students receive individualized instruction and tailored feedback, fostering personalized attention.

3. Transparent Parent Communication

We prioritize clear and consistent communication with parents, providing regular updates on their child's progress and addressing concerns.

4. Skill Progression Emphasis:

We focus on skill progression and proper technique development, building a strong foundation for long-term success.

Safety First

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5. Safe and Clean Environment:

Our gym maintains a safe and clean environment, meeting the highest safety standards for optimal training conditions.

6. Welcoming Family Atmosphere:

We provide a safe and welcoming environment where children feel supported and encouraged to grow.

7. Holistic Growth and Life Skills:

Beyond gymnastics, we nurture the whole child, instilling essential life skills for success in all areas of life.

Owner and Head Coach

Jesse Lowe

Coach Jesse is the dedicated owner of Forever Gymnastics in Irving, Texas. With more than 20 years of experience in gymnastics instruction and coaching, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the gym. Although he did not pursue competitive gymnastics, Coach Jesse's passion for the sport has remained strong throughout his life. His coaching style reflects his deep love for gymnastics and his commitment to helping children achieve their goals. At Forever Gymnastics, Coach Jesse strives to create a positive and nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and succeed under his guidance.

Our History


Forever Gymnastics was founded in Irving, Texas in 2011 by Coach Jesse and his wife Junice. The couple wanted to create a gym where athletes could train at the highest level while still having fun. The gym started small, with just a handful of athletes, but quickly grew in popularity as more families learned about the program's unique blend of high-level training and supportive, positive coaching. Over the years, the gym has produced numerous state and regional champions and continues to be a top choice for families looking for a gymnastics program that values both excellence and fun.